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Jeremy Jensen

Boulder, CO
Jeremy Jensen is an entrepreneur, speaker, and mountain sports athlete - passionate about helping people lead authentic and intentional lives, rich with experiences that make them feel alive! His interests lie at the intersection of flow science, lifestyle design, and action/adventure sports.

He is the creator of the Adventurepreneur Podcast, where he shares the stories of problem solvers, change makers, athletes, and outside the box thinkers - who have built their passion for adventure, travel, and the outdoors into businesses, projects, or fulfilling lifestyles.

Jeremy is also the co-founder of Outwild, a community and event series that brings together outdoor and adventure-minded individuals to share ideas, optimize their lifestyles, create businesses, build meaningful connections, and play hard outside.

His main priorities are to always be growing, helping other people, building and maintaining meaningful relationships, experiencing new things, and chasing flow states.

My Moderators Sessions

Thursday, July 16

5:00pm MDT