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John Walden

MSB Agency
Grand Junction
In the course of my working life, I’ve played roles in multi-media, web development, advertising, robotics, community organizations and marketing. The impact of tech has been profound and I’ve come to accept that constant disruptive change is normal.

And yet, I continue to observe that the basic moves of human communication which include engagement, building trust, making requests and offers, and promises and so on, remain the same—even as the means for producing them undergo rapid, sometimes shattering, change.

So I try not to get caught up in the tech—no matter how shiney! Yes, we have to know it, we have to be able to use it and to leverage any extension of our capacities it may offer. But, for me, as long as there is a person on either end of the exchange—we might as well be holding two tin cans with a piece of string between them.