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Allen Lim

Skratch Labs
Boulder, CO
Most people want to talk to me about athletic performance and nutrition. Mainly because I earned a PhD from the Applied Exercise Science Lab at the University of Colorado at Boulder and then worked for almost a decade as a sport scientist and coach on the Pro Cycling Tour. I primarily worked with riders who wanted to win the Tour de France. On one hand it was a dream come true, on the other hand pro sports at that level can be a brutally dehumanizing endeavor. So filled with contradiction, in 2012, I founded Skratch Labs - a sports nutrition company based in Boulder, CO. I imagine that this is what we will actually talk about. With that in mind, I did not know anything about business when we opened the doors at Skratch. Eight years later, I have learned that I still have a lot to learn. All this to say that business is hard and that people are complicated. But despite our complication, we all have really simple needs. Mainly we need to belong - to have someone to share dinner with. So we can also talk about our favorite recipes - for dinner and for life.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, July 16

5:00pm MDT