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Matt Vincent

Durango, CO
I joined Ska Brewing in 1996 starting out as a brewer. In 1997, I convinced my parents to use my college funds to invest as an owner in Ska Brewing. Over the years, the company grew as did the responsibilities of business ownership. I was drawn to the operations side of the brewery related to accounting, production, and engineering and how all these function together. Trial by fire is my preferred method of learning as I like to dive in and learn from experience, both the bad and good.

During my time at Ska Brewing, the canning revolution exploded and we needed smaller, slower, automated equipment for our canning line. I developed a small footprint Can depalletizer for Ska as there were no small-scale options available. It was a much sought after piece of equipment as many other breweries were experiencing the same problems that we were having. I put a couple of feelers out there and there was an immediate demand for that piece of equipment. I launched Ska Fabricating in 2012, manufacturing Can depalletizers and other pieces of equipment for small scale craft canning operations. Since launch, we have built and installed over 700 canning lines around the world for all different types of industries, not just craft beer. In 2018, I teamed up with a local dispensary chain, Durango Organics, and launched Oh Hi Beverages. We manufacture CBD and THC infused seltzers. I was able to utilize both Ska Brewing and Ska Fabricating to help facilitate the production and distribution of our beverages currently available around the state of Colorado. There have been several other businesses along the journey, some successful and some not so.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, July 23

11:00am MDT