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Megan Alfaro

Colorado Baby
Founder and CEO
Grand Junction, CO
Megan founded Colorado Baby in 2008 when her oldest son had just turned two, and her 2nd son was a few months old. Fourteen years in now, she has 8 children and has grown the store in a sustainable way all while taking on zero debt.

Megan has always been an entrepreneur at heart: She started her first "business" when she was 4 years old. She colored on rocks and sold them as paperweights to her parents and neighbors. Every year after that she was constantly creating and selling something new. A month after her high school graduation she moved to Mexico where she married her husband and the two of them owned and operated an English school. After three years there, they moved back to her heart and hometown of Grand Junction to plant roots as proud members of the community.

Topics she loves chatting about include: anything business, marketing, leadership, living debt-free, making kombucha, philosophy of schooling, birth and raising children.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, July 23

1:00pm MDT